Saturday, June 21, 2014

Red lentil soup and a vintage sandwich spread recipe.

Red lentil soup recipe from Olive Trees and Honey cookbook. I added potatoes and spinach. So good and easy to prepare.

I've been reading books in bed all morning, one of which is Mary Meade's Magic Recipes for the Osterizer (blender) and I found this sandwich spread recipe made with apricots, walnuts and mayo. What the heck? I had all the ingredients so I gave it a go. I added more vegan mayo and nuts to balance out the amount of fruit. To the sandwich, I added a slice of Tofutti cheese. This was surprisingly good. The crunch of the walnuts are nice against the tangy mayo and slightly sweet apricots. I made sure to use dried apricots without any sugar added.

This book was published in 1952 and it has fantastic recipes in it. The cocktails section is great.

Dainty sandwiches! haha!

Heads up! Rite Aid pharmacy carries these vegan british crisps. Yummy!


Anonymous said...

Looks lovely! Dal and Rice nourish soul and body. So good!

I love vintage recipe books!

I've often seen those chips around but haven't tried them. Cape Cod Chips are the best chips in the world, IMHO. ;)

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