Sunday, May 4, 2014

Michelada, Quesadilla, Chopped Salad, Curry and Vegan Snacks.

Yesterday was a nice hot Saturday and cocktails were in order. Here is a vegan Michelada which is 1 can of beer, 1 small can of tomato juice, squeeze of lime, salt, chili powder, a few drops of soy sauce (or vegan worcestershire) and Tabasco. So refreshing!

Breakfast quesadilla this morning made with Daiya cheese.

This is a vintage copy of The Watkins salad book published in 1946 that I inherited from my late mother-in-law. I made one of the french dressing variations in it and made a yummy chopped salad.

Rainbow salad.

The dressing was so easy to make too. I added capers and chili sauce to mine.

This salad was very good.

Also made a quick chickpea and potato curry with glorious basmati rice. I made the rice lebanese style with lots of olive oil! This is key.

Ran across these accidentally vegan snacks at the store. The ice pops are really light and fresh and the Sahale Valdosta pecans are so good. I can probably make them myself but I liked the convenience. They have cranberries, black pepper and orange zest. Tasty!

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