Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day Off Food.

Got the day off today to babysit my pooch Buster. Buster hasn't been so well lately as he was diagnosed with a hemangiosarcoma lump on his rear area. Vet says he's a good candidate for surgery as the cancer has not spread to any organs yet. He is scheduled for surgery on Thursday. I'm very worried for him as the lump is ulcerated and has been bleeding for days. The worst was on Sunday night and since then my husband and I have been babysitting him in turns. Today I got to spend time with him as well as cooking some good comfort foods. My good friend Cami stopped by to visit Our Buster. While she was here, we cooked!

Comforting curry! I followed a chana masala recipe and added mushrooms and peas. We had corn salad and rice as well as tamarind/ginger/chili chutney and a pickle relish.

For dinner I made this yummy sandwich.

Our Buster.


Paula said...

Poor Buster! I wish him a speedy recovery from surgery.

laurie said...

I've been reading your blog for some time. Love your recipes and have copied several of them. But it took Buster to get me to comment. Our family also includes a four legged fur baby. Hope all goes well.

kmouse said...

Thank you both. Buster thanks you too!

Anonymous said...

Good vibes to you and Buster!

Cavale Kinski said...

Hang in there, wishing you all well.