Friday, August 19, 2011

Another Salad and Microwave Chocolate Cake!

Wow, these salads at home are starting to get better and better. I've had three in three nights so far. This one has butter lettuce, radicchio, arugula, tofu, cranberries, raisins, walnuts and pluots with a dijon/balsamic/sesame dressing. Was good.

Ok, so this is for the desperate only. There's a recipe on vegweb called "Absolutely Divine Microwave Cake" and let me tell you, if you are craving something sweet and you have to have it now, then follow this recipe. I didn't have chocolate chips so I used dairy free white chocolate. I've made it with chocolate chips and it's better that way. My chocolate topping is Pillsbury dark chocolate fudge frosting melted in the microwave and poured on top. I know I know, microwaves are not the top choice to cook in but I was desperate!


Isobelle said...

I'm guilty of making microwave chocolate cake too.. :)
it's the only thing I ever cook in there. But sometimes there just isn't any other option!

amymylove said...

is that just plain tofu or is it baked or marinated?

Leah said...

You should try this microwave chocolate cake...soooo gooood!

kmouse said...

It's just plain tofu because I didn't have time to marinate, otherwise I would have done that.

Anonymous said...

good grief! got a new computer and lost my "favourites" and my link to you. Aaaaaaargh! Just spent an hour transfering data from old computer to new and found you again!!!!! I LOVE your blog!!! Have now subscribed to your blog. All the best and have a happy day. Gorgeous weather in Pretoria, South Africa