Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Uzbek Potato Salad

I have this beautiful new cookbook called Silk Road Cooking and it's full of gorgeous photos and recipes that are inspired by cuisine found along the Silk Road, the exotic spice and trade route from China, through the Middle East to Italy . I veganized this Uzbek potato salad by using vegan mayo and omitting the hard boiled egg that the recipe called for. It's got potatoes, carrots, peas, apples, raisins, scallions, celery and flavored with a curry infused sauce. It's really yummy. Can't wait to try more recipes from this book.


Carrie said...

I love the unique cookbooks you talk about, they all sound so great!

nora said...

Besides "this looks delish," all I'm gonna say is that Uzbek is an awesome word.

aTxVegn said...

A fruity potato salad - awesome!

kmouse said...

Yes, I really love discovering new cookbooks! Especially ethnic ones.

Haha! From what I've researched on Uzbek cuisine, they tend to use a lot of meaty fat in their cooking. But there are a few recipes that are veggie friendly. I have another book called Olive Trees and Honey that feature vegetarian Jewish cuisine and there are a few Uzbek recipes in there.

I was very happy with the result! I will probably make this style of potato salad more often.

Gauri Radha गौरी राधा said...

Potato salad is one of my favourite vegan sides, this looks great!!