Saturday, August 29, 2009

Marble Loaf Cake + Ku Chai Dumplings!

Last night my husband and I went to Baja Fresh for dinner. After dinner which was really good and filling by the way (I had a burrito mexicano bowl), my husband wanted to go to Best Buy which was next door. I hate Best Buy so I ducked into nearby Ralph's supermarket while he shopped. I wandered the bakery section drooling over the cookies, cakes, turnovers and pies. I was mad that I couldn't have any as they all contained dairy and eggs. One that caught my eye especially was a marble loaf cake. I used to make marble cakes as a kid with prepared cake mixes. They were lovely. I was determined to make one this weekend, vegan style. I used kittee's vanilla cake recipe again (I used rice milk for the liquid), portioned out 1/4 of the batter and mixed in some cocoa powder to get the chocolate part of the cake. I poured the vanilla batter into the loaf tin and poured big dollops of chocolate batter in random areas on top of the vanilla batter, then took a butter knife and swirled it through cake a couple of times. About 50 minutes later, I had my very own marble loaf cake!

Moist and delicious. And you can bet that I'll be having this with tea later on. Next time I will use a higher proportion of chocolate to vanilla in the batter.

Went to Bangkok Market in Hollywood yesterday and picked up these babies. They are located in the freezers. You only need to defrost them and either pan fry or steam them. Ingredients: Chinese leek leaf, tapioca flour, salt, sugar, palm oil.

Served with low sodium soy sauce mixed with Sriracha hot sauce.

All together with tea and dessert!

Edited to add: Just found this recipe online to make these dumplings at home:


Michal said...

your marble loaf cake looks so pretty! I also love your little pink tea mug its adorable. Hope your enjoying your weekend!

Mama Veg said...

That cake looks amazing!

the house vegan said...

AAAHH!!! That cake! Good work :-)

Gauri Radha गौरी राधा said...

Vegan cake and vegan dumplings--both look so good!!

shooting for love said...

leek cakes are one of my it with some hot reminds me of my childhood.