Friday, March 23, 2018

Sweet Potato Falafel!

The YouTube video linked above is for the sweet potato fritter recipe by The Happy Pear. These guys seriously cannot do wrong. Every recipe I've made by them turns out epic!

This is pretty much a falafel recipe with roasted sweet potato (and peas) added to it. It's a brilliant idea. Here's my mixture.

Out of oven! They were battered in gram flour batter before baking in the oven at around 450 F for around 20 minutes or so , flipping halfway. They are originally fried in oil like in the video but I wanted to cut out some fat.

Beautiful! These fritters are super tasty on their own. Hank had a whole one at lunch and one at dinner!

Stuffed in a toasted whole wheat pita  with homemade hummus, Sriracha, beet salad and lettuce. This was EPIC!!!! I was in flavor heaven.

This was the beet salad I used. Good stuff. Available at Big Lots.

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vegan1 said...

Thanks for posting this - I like their recipes but they use so much oil - I appreciate your baking tip!