Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Luminance Skincare

I just received this order today from this amazing brand, Luminance Skincare. They are a vegan, all natural and non-toxic skincare company who care deeply about the ingredients that go into their products. I sent for free samples on their website to try out and I didn't start using the samples until my face got irritated by a vitamin c serum I was using. After the first use of the cleanser, toner and moisturizer, my face calmed down so much. As I continued using them exclusively for several days, I noticed my skin was looking much better and felt really nice! So I placed an order for all of the above except for the Rosewater mask which they included as a freebie! The soaps I got for my husband because they work as shaving soap as well. They are huge bars and smell wonderful (one is Traditional Spices and the other unscented plain). I'm excited to continue using these products. I have discontinued use of all my other cleansers, serums, balms and creams. 

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