Saturday, June 10, 2017

Apocalyptic Beauty!

So excited to share with you guys a new indie vegan cosmetics company that I'm already crazy about. Love at first sight! It's all vegan and also inspired by pop culture, horror films and all things delightfully absurd! I was able to purchase a blogger pack at the Etsy shop which came with 1 full size shadow of my choice plus random samples. Apocalyptic Beauty is run by a lovely woman Alisha who is also Rhapsodii, a beauty blogger on you tube! Love her videos.

My full size eyeshadow choice, "They're Coming To Get You, Barbara!"

On to swatches! From top to bottom: 
1. They're Coming To Get You Barbara (my full size choice)- A beautiful rust red with a strong green shift. Always wanted a color like this. It is just what I expected! 
2. Polly Plague- purple with green iridescence. Love this shade!
3. Existential Vampire- light red with blue sparks (hard to see the blue sparks in my swatch)
4. Wind-Up Bird- yellow gold. So shiny.

5. Send More Paramedics!- I was hoping I'd get this color as it was my second favorite when I had to choose my full size. It's a shimmery blackened purple with red and blue sparkles.
6. Kami- shimmery forest green with gold shift.
7. NeverMore Tisha- blue black with blue shift and aqua sparks. Another fave.

I hope my swatches look okay! I wanted to use tape but there where too many colors and I didn't have time. I was racing against the clock because Hank was napping and I was expecting him to wake up any second!

I absolutely love these shades and the formula feels smooth and easy to apply. Can't wait to wear them on my eyes. Go buy some now!!!



Icequeen81 said...

I have seen swatches with tape, excuse my ignorance but what is the tape for?

kmouse said...

The tape creates a neater and cleaner area for swatches. Swatches look like neat rectangles instead of big blobs like mine!

Beverlee said...

Love the Night of the Living Dead quote :). Such pretty shadows and I wanna nom on that adorable baby burrito!