Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vegan Donuts in West L.A.!

I walked into Venice Whole Foods yesterday to find a whole case of VEGAN DONUTS. There were about 8 varieties. I was so excited I was literally jumping up and down while my friend Cami laughed at me. They also had vegan turnovers, muffins and cookies.

Look at these beauties.

I'm about to eat my first donut in six years!!! (It's a Chocolate Long John.)

It's got custard inside!

This apple fritter was the apple fritter of my vegan dreams. Can't wait to go back and have a go at the other flavors!


Cadry said...

A vegan cream filled chocolate long john??? So jealous! Long johns were my absolute favorite. It looks fantastic. Is it too much to hope that they'll start having shelves of vegan donuts at other Whole Foods locations? A girl can dream...

and_i_say said...

I've seen donuts at two Whole Foods locations in Florida, one here in Palm Beach Garden and the Tampa location. They have raspberry jam-filled, the long john, and a chocolate frosted donut. You're lucky to have 8 varities!

Tamara Evans said...

Those all look really yummy;I'm gonna have to visit that Whole Foods soon

Anonymous said...

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vicki wilkiinson said...

If am so enjoying your blog. I can't access the recipe for chocolate bread from September of 2009 and want to make it for a friend of mine who lost her grandfather. She's a vegan, and I'd like to include a bread for her when I drop food off at the house. Could you please send me the recipe? Thanks so much. (Vicki Wilkinson in Ohio)