Sunday, May 7, 2017

Shiro Cosmetics 7th anniversary sale.

I'm Shiro had their annual sale and all Shiro and Detrivore products were 20% off and 10% off all other brands. I got a bit of samples and two full sized shadows.

My haul!

L to R: Who Needs Reasons, A Fell Voice on the Air, Chimera, There Are Secrets Everywhere, Makkachin, Good Luck Charm, Canine Help You?, A Small Safe Place In A Troubling World.
Forgot to swatch That's Chess! and blush Gelato Beach.

Femme Fatale's Royal Tarts and Shiro's Largest Moon of Still Not A Planet!

Top: Largest Moon of Still Not A Planet.
Bottom: Royal Tarts
So hard to see the beautiful duochrome. Everything swatched on Milani primer.

Edit: Reswatched on Elf Glitter Glue primer! So much better!

Also reswatched Chimera and There Are Secrets Everywhere on Elf Glitter Glue. 
The latter is actually a soft black with bronze overlay. Gorgeous!

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Beverlee said...

Damn, Gina. You've got me wanting to buy those pretty colors. I need them!