Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Eccentric Cosmetics.

I've heard about this Australian company when coming across a good review of their vegan eye primer. The only eye primers that I know of that are vegan are Milani and elf which are ok performance wise. I decided to pick one up along with a few mini jars of shadows. The primer is the long wear and is translucent on the skin. It has a smooth balm like texture and glides on the skin very easily. The shadows stick to it very well and it's important to pat the shadow on rather than swipe in order to keep the shimmer from falling away.

Three mini jars of colors that are inspired by one of my fave movies The Fall! From L to R: Sister Evelyn, Swimming Elephant, Indian. Free sample in Trickster.

From top to bottom: Indian, Swimming Elephant, Sister Evelyn, Trickster. All swatched on top of the primer. Gorgeous! These were all hastily swatched but I know if I were more patient in application I could bring out the shimmer. Also this is in evening light.

Edit: I used the primer along with Sister Evelyn for a whole day at work and at the end of my day, there was no creasing and the color stayed put!


Blake Fraina said...

That's one of my favorite films as well! It's so beautiful and that little girl - whoa, what a performance! Most people I've encountered haven't even heard of it.

Icequeen81 said...

Hi, I am from the Shiro fb :) can you make looks wearing the purples :)