Saturday, September 3, 2016

El Arco Iris, Galco's Grocery and Donut Friend

Went to Highland Park to get Mexican food, sodas and donuts, in that order! El Arco Iris has been there since the 60's I think!

Vegan burrito on the menu filled with rice, beans, calabacitas and guacamole topped with red sauce (sauce was my request.)

Galco's sells a gigantic assortment of retro sodas and also beers and wines. Fab selection!

Donut Friend has mostly vegan donuts in the most exciting flavor combos.

Top: Nutellavision (not vegan- for hubby), Strawberry So Far, S'Morrissey
Bottom: Cinnamineral, Custard Front Drive, Bacon 182


Beverlee said...

Oh I wanna marry those donuts! I haven't had a custard one in years! Wonder how they make vegan custard. Love the S'Morrissey name :). Were they all as delicious as they look?

vegan peace said...

That burrito looks delicious! And the donuts, wow. Also, butterscotch root beer, and pecan pie soda? That is so cool. Did you try any of them?

kmouse said...

Beverly, I have only eaten the Strawberry one and it was heaven. I'll be working on the S'Morrissey one today!
Veganpeace, haven't tried the sodas yet. Lots of sugar!

Alejandra said...

I love Donut Friend! I was just there last weekend. I got the donut sundae with a chocolate cake donut, soy mint chip ice cream, and chocolate sauce. So good!