Saturday, October 24, 2015

Vegan Brunch: Quiche, Carbs and Cake.

My friend Maile came over today and we had an epic brunch complete with mimosas and The Mindy Project on dvd. The deliciousness of this brunch was enchanced by all the carbs. At least we had some protein from the quiche!

You must have QUICHE when you have a brunch. I used the broccoli recipe from Vegan Brunch of course. It never fails and it's really amazing. If you miss quiche and you're vegan, make this!

Diner home fries from Vegan Brunch. So good! Loved the crispy bits.

Maile made this gorgeous fried rice! She veganized her daddy's recipe and it's damn good!

All together. It was quite the spread.

Can't have brunch without mimosa material!

And cake because, CAKE!

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vegan peace said...

Looks amazing! The potatoes look divine! I am in love with the Mindy project!