Sunday, August 31, 2014

So tasty!

For dinner yesterday I made the Spicy Chickpeas and Carrots from the River Cottage Veg cookbook. It has great flavors: cumin, garlic, orange zest, orange juice and smoked paprika.

For supper tonight we had a bunch of lovely things to nibble on. Salad, tomato bruschetta, white bean hummus, agave roasted cherry tomatoes (that I made yesterday) with fresh seeded baguette slices.

Arugula, cranberries, grilled zucchini, grilled mushrooms tossed in a light italian dressing.

Tomato bruschetta which is simply fresh cherry tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and basil, salt and pepper.

Popped open the Moroccan Olive Salad that I bought yesterday from World Market. This stuff is good! Green olives bathed in olive oil, tomato sauce and spices.

All served on seeded baguette slices. I love eating like this so much.

So tasty!


Anonymous said...

Looks lovely!

I see that you ate at 'Aux Vivres'. Isn't their veggie butter out-of-this-world amazing? Their food is so fresh and vibrant. I miss it. *Sighs*

Another great place to stock up on goodies (from grains to baked goods) is Le Frigo Vert which is part of Concordia University. Their cinnamon rolls are to die-for.

Anonymous said...

Oh and also, I see that you were at St. Denis. Did you not visit Chu Chai/Chuch which is a great vegan, Thai restaurant? Their crispy seaweed, vegetable curries, fried rice, coconut tapioca pudding...all amazing.
St. Denis is a beautiful street!

kmouse said...

I love Mtl. I didnt' have enough to try everything although we were told by our friends that Chuchai is amazing.