Saturday, August 30, 2014

Grocery shopping, Pantry items and Leek & Cheese Toastie & Agave Roasted Cherry Tomatoes.

My 99 cents store finds today. Lots of canned beans and a few produce items.

Nayonaise whipped for 99 cents! This stuff is good. Tastes like Miracle Whip. I don't know if it's a popular flavor. They may be discontinuing it.

A well stocked pantry is serious business.

I also stopped at Cost Plus World Market and bought more pantry items. Martini onions, a couple of Moroccan items, capers, HP Sauce, Curry ketchup, crackers and rich tea biscuits...I love it when you only need one thing but end up buying a bunch of other stuff. Recreational food shopping FTW.

Fentiman's cola is so good!

After unpacking all of my purchases, I proceeded to make the Leek and Cheese Toastie from River Cottage Veg cookbook. I subbed Daiya for the cheese and almond milk for the cream. It turned out perfect. It's very rich. The combination of sweet leeks and cheese on the toasted bread made a very satisfying lunch.

Also from the same cookbook, I made the Honey Roasted Cherry Tomatoes but instead of honey I used agave. Also very delicious on toast. The agave lends a very light sweetness.

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