Sunday, February 16, 2014

Victoria Sponge with Lemon Curd

Cake time again! I made another victoria sandwich with lemon curd. I had a bit of a lemon curd meltdown with a recipe I found online, so I think I'll be on the lookout for another one next time.

Even though the curd was a little runny, it still tasted amazing!


Amey said...

Oh, holy moly that looks so good. I really love light and lemony cakes like this. I like the big heavy chocolate cakes too (naturally!), but this looks just perfect. I've never tried to make vegan lemon curd, but I would love to try it. <3

foodfeud said...

Oh lovely lovely! How light is the sponge cake? Not sure I have had a vegan version. Is it like angel food?

kmouse said...

Amey, Try it!I'll have to find a better recipe that holds better though. If you find a good one let me know!

foodfeud, It's not like angel food but it's nice and soft and moist. :)

Jodie said...

oh my gosh! that looks delicious! I think all the runny bits make it look even more nom-able! yummm said...


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Super gorgeous! Like Amey I'm a huge fan of light lemony cakes and yours looks amazing

Lovlie said...

That looks so delicious! Haven't made Victoria sandwich cake in a long long while! The curd being running would mean the sponge would have absorbed it a little making it even yummier!