Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tofurky Artisan Sausages

Tofurky has some new sausages out. Their new artisan line has three flavors: Andouille, Spinach Pesto and Chickn and Apple. I brought home a package of the Andouille flavor to try out in a bun.

I heated the sausage in a pan with a little oil. It doesn't need much cooking time. So easy. They work great on a grill too. This is a really good sausage with a slight kick of heat. Loved it on a bun with all the fixings: chopped onion, mustard, ketchup and sauerkraut.


Glo said...

I bought the first two you mention. Haven't tried them yet. I want to use the Andouille in some Red Beans and Rice.

Wendy said...

You need to teach Shannon how to cook those. She either over cooks them or she burns them. It takes a while for the smell to leave the kitchen.

They look delicious, if only she can prepare them properly.