Sunday, August 20, 2017

Fresh Pita Organic Express, Culver City

I've been to this cafe twice and both times I ordered the falafel sandwich. It is delicious!!!

Here are my pics.

With a side of large fries.

The first time they put delicious chunks of grilled eggplant in with the falafel, along with pickles, salad and tomato and tahini sauce. Omg so yummy!

The second time, the eggplant chunks were missing but it was still good.

If you are sitting outside on the terrace enjoying your meal, you can see Boulevard Music across the street. I bought my Martin D-28 there and like to attend concerts there. Last night we saw Laurence Juber! Fantastic guitarist formerly of Paul McCartney & Wings.


Beverlee said...

Those falafels are ginormous! I love a good falafel sandwich drenched in tahini. Eggplant is a nice bonus.

johny said...

nice post