Saturday, April 29, 2017

More makeup from Silk Naturals!

Sorry guys not many food posts these days. Food truck burritos have been my main meals as well as pb and j. But soon I plan to cook more on the weekends. 

I have more vegan cosmetics to show you. I hope you don't mind if I post about non food subjects. I like to have an online record of my purchases. Brija haul coming soon!

Silk Naturals. I love their variety of shades and the price is right. They are having a spring sale now which is why I got these. I've been wanting Caldera and Doubloons for some time.

Some different shots to try and show the brilliant duochrome. Top to bottom: Caldera (coppery orange red prism) Ultra (warm bronzy gold) Model (tan with pink duochrome) Doubloons (light golden copper) and Adorn (light tan with blue violet duochrome).

I love the 4th one down, Doubloons! It's a light golden copper with copper, gold and red duochrome. These are all swatched over Elf Glitter Glue.


Beverlee said...

So pretty! We like all your posts and you're a new mom - how do you find time for anything?

Unknown said...

I need 2 try this brand!! Great Review Hon!!