Monday, March 10, 2014

Vegan "Fish n Chips" (or Panko Crusted Tofu)

I've said this before on my blog that I never liked fish but these panko crusted tofu "fish" fillets are so good with homemade tartar sauce, a squeeze of lemon and a side of fries (chips) and peas. The tofu was first marinated for a few hours in an olive oil/miso paste/mustard/seaweed flakes/soy sauce/garlic/ginger mixture and then covered in flour, dipped in almond milk, then coated in panko bread crumbs and baked in the oven. I normally fry these but I wanted to keep it fairly low fat. If you want to fry, by all means do! I'm sure it'll be even crispier and tastier that way.

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Wendy said...

We love the "fish"! That sounds like a good recipe to try out. Thanks for the share!