Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mushroom Risotto

Made mushroom risotto tonight and it was FAB! Thanks to my cousin Wendy for helping me stir (and stir, and stir and stir....). I used the recipe here. I veganized it of course and changed a few things around. My substitutions:
Veggie broth instead of chicken broth
4-5 TB of olive oil instead of 3
Cremini mushrooms, 1 carton (instead of white mushrooms/portobello combo)
1 small onion, chopped instead of shallots
red wine instead of white
2 TB Earth Balance margarine instead of butter

The risotto was so creamy and rich. I served it with a spinach/arugula salad with cranberries, walnuts and poppyseed dressing.

5 comments: said...

I love mushroom risotto, it's one of my favourite ever meals.

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Michal said...

Oh I LOVE risotto :) Looks yummy!

Matha Trotter said...
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Mack said...

By looking at it, I can sense how creamy it really is! :) I bet it’s healthy too, as it has mushrooms, which are rich in Vitamin D, the vitamin responsible for enabling the body to better absorb calcium and phosphate. Kudos for this healthy dish! :)

Mack Shepperson